19. Treasures in the Netherworld (lecture in Oxford, 19 July)

“Treasures in the Netherworld – a nineteenth-century Chinese local handicraft industry of mock money” – is the title of a talk by Dr PAN Weilin 潘玮琳 on Wednesday 19 July in the Heberden Coin Room, at the Ashmolean Museum.

Dr Pan, of the Institute of China Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, is currently a visiting scholar in the Dept of Coins and Medals, at the British Museum. Her visit is funded by the E.S.G. Robinson Charitable Trust, which commemorates the legacy of Sir Stanley Robinson (1887-1976), a former Head of the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum, and Reader in Numismatics at Oxford, and “unquestionably the greatest Greek numismatist of his time”.


Pan Weilin’s publications include a long article (in Chinese) on this subject:

潘玮琳:《”祀鬼之业”:近代社会变迁中的江浙锡箔业》,复旦大学历史学系、复旦大学中外现代化进程研究中心编:《近代中国的物质文化》 (近代中国研究集刊 5),上海古籍出版社,2015,1-42页。ISBN978-7-5325-7958-7。[“The business of making offerings for ghosts”: the tin-foil industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang during modern social changes]

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