25. China Numismatics 2017.1 (144) – English summary

China Numismatics 《中国钱币》 is published bimonthly by the China Numismatic Museum 中国钱币博物馆 and China Numismatic Society 中国钱币学会 in Beijing. The journal is published in Chinese.

CHINA NUMISMATICS  2017.1 (144)  // 《中国钱币》2017年第1期 (总第144期)


Li Yansheng and Zhang Huiqin (Hubei Provincial Museum) — Research on the forms of money used in land transactions among the ordinary people in Hubei province in the 19th and early 20th century — The authors studied over 3000 land contracts and other documents from northern Hubei and analysed the results. Most studies of money during this period look at the issue, circulation and management of money, and in a more urban context, so this is a new approach. It throws light on various forms of money, the relationship between them and how they were used: (1) silver by weight, (2) silver dollars, (3) cash coins, (4) large coins, (5) copper dollars, (6) paper money.  LI Yansheng and ZHANG Huiqin, ‘Jindai Hubei minjian fangdichan jiaoyi zhong de huobi xingtai yanjiu’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 3-13. // 李焱胜、张慧琴:《近代湖北民间房地产交易中的货币形态研究》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,3-13 页. http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447966.html

Guan Xin and Zhang Xinzhi (Harbin University of Commerce) — Research on the [Japanese] Central Bank of Manchuria’s reserves — The Meiji Restoration of 1868 enabled Japan to transform from a closed country into a modern capitalist country. Spreading its power overseas involved strengthening its military power and rolling out a “policy for the mainland”. (1) introduction, (2) the Bank’s reserve system, (3) the reserves situation. GUAN Xin and ZHANG Xinzhi, ‘Wei Manzhou Zhongyang yinhang de faxing zhunbei yanjiu’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 14-19. //  关心、张新知:《伪满洲中央银行的发行准备研究》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,14-19页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447967.html

SUN Shouyuan (Qingdao, Shandong) — Currency war in Qingdao and the surrounding area during the War of Resistance against Japan (Part 2 of Currency invasion and currency war in Qingdao and the surrounding area during the War of Resistance against Japan) — (A) The KMT guerrilla force in Qingdao and the surrounding area printed and issued notes to resist the Japanese-issued currency: (1) about the KMT troops, (2) KMT currency during the War against the Japanese, (3) resisting the fake notes to support the legal currency (fabi), (4) losing control of the notes. (B) The Beihai Bank established by the Eighth Route Army in Qingdao and the surrounding area and the war against Japanese-issued currency: (1) Establishing the Beihai Bank, (2) supporting the legal currency, (3) the struggle for parity, (4) conclusion. SUN Shouyuan, ‘Qingdao ji zhoubian diqu kangzhan huobi yu Ri wei huobi de kangzhen’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 20-32. // 孙守源:《青岛及周边地区抗战货币与日伪货币的抗争 — 抗日战争时期青岛及周边地区的货币侵入与抗争(下)》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,20-32页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447968.html


Zhao Shengquan (Hebei Normal University) and Shi Ruiying (Hebei College of Industry and Technology) — Calligraphy on Xi Xia coins: evolution and distribution — Calligraphy on coins of the Xi Xia (1038-1227), in both Tangut and Chinese scripts. ZHAO Shengquan and SHI Ruiying, ‘Xixia qianbi shufa yanbian yuanliu tanze’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 33-38. // 赵生泉、史瑞英:《西夏钱币书法演变源流谈赜》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,33-38页. http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447969.html

Zhu Qinghua and Li Dong (Xi’an, Shaanxi) — The Qing dynasty Yusu official monetary bureau and the paper money it issued — (1) establishment of the bureau, (2) the notes it issued, (3) special features of the notes – (3.1) quality of printing, (3.2) circulation of notes – (4) collecting in the notes, and closing down. ZHU Qinghua and LI Dong, ‘Qingdai Yusu guan yinqianju ji qi faxing de zhibi’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 39-44. // 朱清华、李东:《清代裕苏官银钱局及其发行的纸币》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,39-44页. http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447971.html

Ma Shou (Ningbo Museum), Xie Mingsi (Shanghai Museum) and Deng Jia (Chongqing Three Gorges Museum) — Conservation of coins found in the sea, taking copper coins from Nanhai One as an example — (1) recording simple information, (2) preservation and scientific analysis, (3) conservation methods – cleaning, removing corrosion, storage, regular inspection, (4) discussion. [Nanhai One is a ship that sank off the south China coast in the Song dynasty. It was discovered in 1987, and raising of the ship began in 2007 (including Song coins, 130 kg of silver bars)] MA Shou, XIE Mingsi and DENG Jia, ‘Haiyang chushui huobi de baohu chuli – yi Nanhai I hao chushui tongqian weili’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 45-54. // 马涛、谢明思、邓佳:《海洋出水钱币的保护处理 – 以南海I 号出水铜钱为例》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,45-54页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447973.html


Xiao Hang (Hefei, Anhui) — Another piece of Chu gold (Warring States) found in Linquan, Anhui province — Found in Tongchengzhen 鲖城镇 (26 km west of Linquan). The Chu place-name was Fanyi繁易.  XIAO Hang, ‘Anhui Linquan zaici faxian zhanguo Chu jinban’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 55-56. // 肖航:《安徽临泉再次发现战国楚金版》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,55-56页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447974.html


Luo Ci’an (Ji’an, Jiangxi) — A Hunan-Jiangxi revolutionary war bond that has been overstamped — The author has in his collection a note issued as a Chinese Soviet Hunan-Jiangxi revolutionary war bond (中华苏维埃共和国湘赣省革命战争公债券), with an overstamp (本息还清转为国币通用)。(1) description, (2) background, (3) quantity in circulation. LUO Ci’an, ‘Xiang Gan sheng geming zhanzheng gongzhai yi yuan jiagai bi zhi kaoxi’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 57-61. // 罗词安:《湘赣省革命战争公债壹元加盖币之考析》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,57-61页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447975.html

Hong Rongchang (Longyan, Fuzhou) — A bond of the Fujian-Zhejiang-Jiangxi soviet HONG Rongchang, ‘Min-Zhe-Gan sheng su (weiai) zhengfu fensui diren wuci weigong juezhan gongzhaiquan’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 62-64. // 洪荣昌:《闽浙赣省苏(维埃)政府粉碎敌人五次围攻决战公债券》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,62-64页. http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447976.html


Zhang Yawei (National Library of China) — On the CFA franc past and present [Africa]  ZHANG Yawei, ‘Zhong Fei jinrong hezuo falang de qianshi jin sheng’, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 75-78. // 张亚威:《中非金融合作法郎的前世今生》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,65-78页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447977.html




New publication: Paper Money of Yunnan — The third in the Standard Illustrated Catalogues of Chinese Paper Money series (中国纸币标准图录系列), based on materials collected, sorted and studied by Fan Changming and Su Jun over almost thirty years. It’s the first time notes have been arranged by province and region, and ranges from the Qing dynasty to the Republican period. [Fan Changming and Su Jun, Yunnan zhibi, Yunnan renmin chubanshe, 2017, ISBN 978-7222-150508 // 范昌明、苏 骏 著:《云南纸币》,云南人民出版社,2017年,800元]  Yunnan zhibi chuban faxing, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, p. 44.《云南纸币》出版发行,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,44页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447972.html

Review by Zhou Xiang (Shanghai Museum) of Scientific Research on Chinese silver ingots, by Zhou Weirong et al. [see my English summary on contents here]  Zhongguo gudai yinding kexue yanjiu, shuping, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, pp. 79-80. // 《中国古代银锭科学研究》述评,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,79-80页.  http://www.cqvip.com/QK/82320X/201701/671447978.html


Mr Ma Yanjun donates ancient coins to the China Numismatic Museum – A donation of 37 coins: 19 Xi Xia coins (Tiansheng yuanbao, Huangjian yuanbao, Guangding yuanbao) and 18 iron coins of the Song dynasty (Sheng Song yuanbao, Zhenghe tongbao).  MA Yanjun xiansheng xiang Zhongguo qianbi bowuguan juanzeng gu qianbi, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, p. 38. // 《马彦俊先生向中国钱币博物馆捐赠古钱币》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,38页.

Mr Zhang Han (1920-2017) – Mr Zhang had a long association with the China Numismatic Society. A renowned archaeologist, epigrapher and calligrapher, he was on the first four boards of directors, an honorary director of the fifth board, and on the academic committee for the first six boards.  ZHANG Han xiansheng shishi, Zhongguo qianbi 2017.1, p. 54. //  《张颔先生逝世》,《中国钱币》2017年第1期,54页.




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