26. Journal of East Asian Numismatics (JEAN) – issue 7, no. 25 (Aug 2017)

JEAN began as a paper journal in 1994, and since 2016 has transformed into a bilingual (Chinese and English) e-journal. The Chinese editor is Michael Chou. The English editor is Bruce W. Smith. There’s a good introduction to the journal and the editors here.

Published quarterly, it includes numismatic research, interviews with collectors, information about new books, and auction news. Subscription is free (email jeanzg@163.com), and it’s also available on issuu.

Here are links to the first 7 digital issues:


JEAN issue 1 (Jan 2016)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 2

JEAN issue 2 (Apr 2016)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 3

JEAN issue 3 (July 2016)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 4

JEAN issue 4 (Nov 2016)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 5

JEAN issue 5 (Jan 2017)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 6

JEAN issue 6 (May 2017)

page_1_thumb_large (1) 7

JEAN issue 7 (Aug 2017)

Contents of JEAN issue 7 (Summer 2017)

The journal is bilingual. The English text for each article is presented first, and followed immediately by the Chinese text for that article. The page nos below are for the English text.

News & Info #3 – by Bruce W. Smith (pp. 3-9)

  • Tsitsihar Mint (Qiqiha’er Mint)
  • Inner Mongolia 70th Anniversary Coins
  • South Korea to Stop Using Coins by 2020
  • Korean Coin Riot of 1978
  • TAMS Journal on Chinese Tokens and Medals
  • MegaRed Adds Appendix on Chopmarks
  • Chopmarked Coin Collection in Stacks Bowers Sale
  • Taiwan 1954 Five Chiao Commemorative
  • Vietnam Hand Engraved Gold Bar in Hong Kong Sale
  • Fred Knust (1944-2017)
  • James Oliver Sweeny (1917-2012)

Book Reviews – by Bruce W. Smith (pp. 15-17)

  • Collecting and Investing in Struck (Chinese) Copper Coins
  • China Financial Bonds
  • Shanghai’s Bund and Beyond
  • A History of Foreign Banks in Modern China
  • The Theory and Practice of Contemporary Precious Metal Coins in China
  • Square and Round, Heaven and Earth: A Display of Mr Ma Dingxiang’s Contributions of Rare Numismatic Materials

The Fourth National Numismatic Collection Exhibition Held in Wuhan – by Yuan Fang 圓方 (Xi’an) (pp. 21-25)

Wang Haiyan’s Tibetan Coin Collecting and Research – by Yuan Shuiqing 袁水清 (Xi’an) (pp. 30-34)

The Discovery of Some Rare Gambling Coins of Emperor Wu – by Thomas Uhlmann (Germany) (pp. 39-41)

Numismatic Trench Art – Fred Schwan (USA) (pp. 44-46)

Set of Four Medals, 2017 Pieces Struck: Munich Coin Show Panda Returns after 20 Years – Sebastian Wieschowski (Germany) (pp. 50-51)

Exploring Official Versions of Chinese Modern Precious Metal Coins – Zhao Yansheng 趙燕生 (Beijing) (pp. 54-59)

The William Ewart Gladstone Medallion – H.F. Bowker (USA) (pp. 66-67)

An Apparent Relationship Between the 1897 Chehkiang 5-cents Pattern and the 1899 Anwei 5-cents Circulation Strike – by Thomas W. Keener (USA) (pp. 70-73)

Coin Casting in Traditional Korea – by Don Preifer (USA) (pp. 76-79)

A Set of Counterfeit “Da Hei Shi” Second Series RMB Notes - Lu Boxiong 盧伯雄 (Changsha) (pp. 83-88)

The Jian Wu Wu Zhu Coin Die and Casting Technology in the Eastern Han Dynasty – Sheng Weiren 盛為人 (Beijing)


  • Top Chinese Coins 2nd edition
  • Chopmarked Coins – A History
  • Chinese and Foreign Paper Money Errors
  • Appreciation of Modern Precious Metal Coins in China, vols 1-5)
  • Shanxi Sycee – by Li Jiong
  • Unofficial Banknotes Issued in Jiangxi – by Xu Anmin

Announcements re auctions

Artist Yu Min was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by Krause Publication Coin of the Year Award Committee


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