38. The Invoice Museum

Styling itself as “the only online invoice museum in China” and hosted on the Hebei Taxpayers website, The Invoice Museum 发票博物馆 is a digital catalogue of part of a private collection of over 2000 invoices. The collection belongs to Mr GAO Xianzhou 高献洲 who works in tax in Hebei province.

Website (in Chinese): http://www.hbnsr.cn/web/invoiceList.aspx

invoice museum

Screenshot of The Invoice Museum


Gao started collecting invoices in 2000, and his collection includes pieces from the Qing dynasty and Republican period. In the screenshot above, the note at top-left is dated 1722 (Kangxi 61).  As his collection grew, and he developed expertise, Gao wrote Chats about Old Invoices 《漫话老发票》, published by the China Tax Publishing House in May 2007. He is currently writing a new book – A Hundred Years of Invoices in China《中国发票百年》 – about the evolution and development of invoices in more recent times.


Chats about Old Invoices  高献洲: 《漫话老发票》 中国税务出版社, 2007 年


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