39. Bibliography for Ancient Chinese Coin Casting Technology

Bibliography for Ancient Chinese Coin Casting Technology – a list supplied by Dr ZHOU Weirong 周卫荣, Director of the China Numismatic Museum 中国钱币博物馆, in Beijing, in November 2016.



2016    周卫荣、杨君 、黄维: 《中国古代银锭科学研究》 北京:科学出版社,2016年。ISBN 978-7-03-047654-8.  ZHOU Weirong, YANG Jun and HUANG Wei: Scientific Research on Chinese Silver Ingots. Beijing: Kexue chubanshe, 2016. Worldcat // contents page and summary of foreword in English


2004    周卫荣: 《中国古代钱币合金成分研究》,中华书局,2004. ISBN 7-101-04089-6.  ZHOU Weirong, The alloy composition of ancient Chinese coins. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2004. Worldcat // introduction, postscript and contents in English

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2002    戴志强、周卫荣: 《钱币学与冶铸史论丛》 北京:中华书局,2002. ISBN 978-7101032598.  ZHOU Weirong and DAI Zhiqiang: Numismatics and the History of Smelting. Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju, 2002. Worldcat



2015    ZHOU Weirong and HUANG Wei, “Lost-Wax Casting in Ancient China: New Discussion on Old Debates”, JOM:  Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 2015. Worldcat // Abstract

2015    周卫荣: 《钱币学与冶铸史(2)》 北京:科学出版社,2015.  ISBN 978-7-03-043381-7.  // ZHOU Weirong, Numismatics and the History of Smelting, vol. 2. Science Press, Beijing, 2015. Worldcat // contents page in English

2012    ZHOU Weirong, “Brass before bronze. Early copper-alloy metallurgy in China”, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2012.

2012    周卫荣: 《中国古代的翻砂铸币工艺》,载《技术史理论与传统工艺》,中国科学技术出版社,2012.  ZHOU Weirong, “The craft of casting coins in sand in ancient China”, in Theory of the History of Technology and Traditional Crafts. Beijing: Chinese Science and Technology Press, 2012. Worldcat

2009    周卫荣: 《中国古代铸钱工艺及其对传统铸造业发展的贡献》,中国文化遗产研究院编《文物科技研究》第6辑,科学出版社,2009年。the ZHOU Weirong, “Ancient Chinese coin casting technology and its attribution to traditional casting craft”, in China Cultural Heritage Research Institute (ed.) The Scientific Study of Cultural Relics (6), Beijing: Science Press, 2009. Worldcat

2005    周卫荣: 《 汉代铜范铸钱工艺及其模拟实验》,《中国钱币》,2005年第2期. ZHOU Weirong, “Bronze piece-mould casting in the Han dynasty”, China Numismatics, 2005, no. 2. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

2004    周卫荣: 《萧梁钱币铸造工艺与模拟实验》 and 《萧梁钱范原料的矿物组成及其表明处理技术初探》,《中国钱币》,2004年第3期. Two articles by ZHOU Weirong on the coin casting technology of the Liang state, AD 503-560, in China Numismatics 2004, no. 3. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

2003    ZHOU Weirong, “A Search for the Tinned Coins of the Song Dynasty China”, Bulletin of the Metals Museum, Vol. 36 (2003). Worldcat

[See also ZHOU Weirong and DAI Zhiqiang, A Re-study of the ‘Tinned Coins’ of the Song Dynasty ]

2003    ZHOU Weirong, “Coin-cast Technologies and Their Evolution in Ancient China”, Bulletin of the Metals Museum, Vol. 37 (2003) (Japan). Worldcat

2003    周卫荣: 《西汉石范铸钱原因初探》,《中国钱币》,2003年第1期.  ZHOU Weirong. “The preliminary study of stone piece-mould coin casting in the Western Han dynasty”, China Numismatics, 2003, no.1. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

2003    周卫荣: 《中国古代石范铸钱模拟试验研究》,《中国钱币》,2003年第1期.  ZHOU Weirong, “The experimental study of ancient Chinese stone piece-mould coin casting”, China Numismatics, 2003, no. 1. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

2002    周卫荣: 《齐刀铜范母与叠铸工艺》,《中国钱币》,2002年第2期. ZHOU Weirong, “The bronze piece-mould for Qi knife coin and stacked casting technology”, China Numismatics, 2002, no. 2. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

1999    戴志强、周卫荣、李延祥、刘伟:《‘夹锡钱’问题再研究》,《中国钱币》, 1999 年第1期.  DAI Zhiqiang, ZHOU Weirong, LI Yanxiang and LIU Wei, “Further research on the ‘coins containing tin’”, China Numismatics, 1999, no. 1. China Numismatics (in Chinese)

1993    ZHOU Weirong, “A Study on the Development of Brass for Coinage in China”, Bulletin of the Metals Museum, Vol. 20 (1993-II). Worldcat

1992    DAI Zhiqiang and ZHOU Weirong, “Studies of the alloy composition of more than two thousand years of  Chinese coins ( 5th century B.C. – 20th century A D.)”, Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society, 26 (2),1992. Worldcat

1991    DAI Zhiqiang and ZHOU Weirong, “Studies on the alloy composition of past dynasties copper coins in China”, in Proceedings of the XIth International Numismatic Congress, Brussels, 1991. Worldcat

For more publications by ZHOU Weirong, see his page on the China Numismatic Museum website – http://www.cnm.com.cn/zgqbbwg/132828/138542/index.html



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