51. Waves of Globalization – the XVIII World Economic History Congress

The XVIII World Economic History Conference took place in Boston last week. The theme was “Waves of Globalization” – the programme is available online here . I was going to pick out the papers relating to China, but there are so many and, as the theme is “globalization”, it would have taken too long. Instead, I’ve listed the panels below (highlighting  in bold any panels with the words China, Chinese, Asia, Japan, or silver in the title). 

The XIX World Economic History Congress will be in Paris, 2021.

Panels and weblinks for further info:

300101 – Defining and measuring entrepreneurship in business history from big data: The England and Wales business population 1851-1911 http://bit.ly/2yiYymR

300102 – Enterprise Forms in Late-Industrializing Countries http://bit.ly/2JYsLsS

300103 – The Many Faces of Lethal Diseases: Epidemiological Diversity and the Differential Economic Effects of Pre-Industrial Epidemic Shocks http://bit.ly/2ykO9Hf

300104 – WEHC Pre- and Early Modern Dissertation Competition Session http://bit.ly/2yl72tF

300105 – WEHC 19th Century Dissertation Competition Session http://bit.ly/2JUnAK9

300106 – WEHC 20th Century Dissertation Competition Session http://bit.ly/2yliSDY

300107 – Special Book Session: Peter Temin, The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy

300201 – A Long Wave of Globalization: Maize Diffusion in Mediterranean World (XVIth-XVIIth Centuries) http://bit.ly/2JULTaV

300202 – African Women at Work in Historical Perspective: New Methods for the Study of Female Inequality in Economic Participation, 1800-2000 http://bit.ly/2JVCgZK

300203 – Analyzing Inequality in the Past: New Data and Modern Approaches http://bit.ly/2yokc9a

300204 – Banking before Banks: Financial Markets, Intermediaries and Networks in a Global Historical Perspective http://bit.ly/2ym4FHb

300205 – Behind the Iron Curtain: Waves of Globalization in Historiography of Economic History http://bit.ly/2M3W266

300206 – Big Business and Corporate Governance in 20th-Century India http://bit.ly/2K0pd9z

300207 – Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring Proceedings: Legal Borrowing, National Tradition, and Globalization (19th-20th Centuries) http://bit.ly/2K0qop9

300208 – Exchange Rates, Growth, and Convergence in Historical Perspective http://bit.ly/2M1bVtJ

300209 – Theory and Empirical Performance http://bit.ly/2JWRWfb

300210 – Historical Demography: Migration in Early Modern Society http://bit.ly/2M4Dp1V

300211 –  History of International Business Relations (HIBR) in Technology, Patents, and Innovation http://bit.ly/2LYdqcf

300212 – Multiple Payment Systems in Globalizing Economies http://bit.ly/2JTKnWF

300213 – Organizing People: Political and Cultural Institutions in Colonial India http://bit.ly/2JULu8l

300214 – Seaports and Development during the Global Ages in the South Atlantic, 1880-2010s http://bit.ly/2JQFIZG

300215 – State Capacity and Economic Development: Historical Experience from China http://bit.ly/2JNodJv

300216 – The Pan-European Crises of 1719-1720: New Perspectives on the Nature of Financial Behaviour http://bit.ly/2MEBeTI

300217 – Trade and Long-Term Development: Evidence from Three Millenia of Data http://bit.ly/2JRXewo

300218 – The Debt Crisis of the 1980s, Banking, and the Private Sector in Latin America http://bit.ly/2JOIXRi

300219 – The Middle East and the Great Divergence http://bit.ly/2MDLVWI

300220 – The Historical Dynamics of Industrialization: A Regional Interpretation, c. 1800-Present http://bit.ly/2MAosWe

300221 – The Webs of Shadow: Financial Networks during the First Globalization http://bit.ly/2JPMrTB

310101 – Accounting for Growth in Global Economic History http://bit.ly/2JPMTBq

310102 – Agricultural Efficiency in the Great Specialization http://bit.ly/2JRym88

310103 – Between Gold and Silver: Asia in the Age of Two Standards, 1873-1935 http://bit.ly/2MEXIDZ

310104 – Capitalism’s Transformation in the 20th Century: The Disintegration and Differentiation of Global Value-Chains http://bit.ly/2JS5XPz

310105 – Classifying Merchandise Trade of the Waves of Globalisation (17th-20th century) http://bit.ly/2JS69yh

310106 – Competition and Complementarity between International Financial Centres on the Waves of Globalization from Historical and Network Persepectives http://bit.ly/2JWitJr

310107 – Expropriated Peasants: Rural Credit, Indebtedness, and Land Seizure in the Middle Ages Persepectives http://bit.ly/2M0DKlY

310108 – Globalization, Inequality, and Long-Term Development in Southeast Asia http://bit.ly/2K1P2Gh

310109 – Growth and Business Cycle Stability: Lessons from Economic History http://bit.ly/2K1Pbtj

310110 – Multiple Futures for Business History: Building on Recent Debates and Suggestions http://bit.ly/2M1tSII

310111 – New Approaches in African Agricultural and Rural History http://bit.ly/2JYrIsL

310112 – Open Economy Forces and the Welfare State – Investigating the Links between Globalization and Social Spending http://bit.ly/2ME77M8

310113 – Popularizing Fabrics and Clothing, 17th19th Centuries: Materiality, Value Formation, and Technology http://bit.ly/2JWjX6t

310114 – Social Indicators and Policies toward Labor Precariousness in a Growth Context: A Eurasian Comparative, Connected, and Long-Term Approach http://bit.ly/2JVaFrz

310115 – Social Network Analysis and Databases for New Comparative Global History Studies in China, Europe, and the Americas http://bit.ly/2JWCEqJ

310116 – The Formation of the Wage in an Early Modern Global Context http://bit.ly/2M5bv5P

310117 – The Impact of Globalization on the Rise of Mass Schooling http://bit.ly/2KmSuv5

310118 – The Long-Run Economic Consequences of Culture and Institutions http://bit.ly/2M29R4J

310119 – The New Economic History of Patents and Innovation http://bit.ly/2LZv4fN

310120 – The Transport Economy before the Coming of the Railways http://bit.ly/2M38X8l

310121 – Tropical Economies in the Making of the Modern World http://bit.ly/2M5LW4j

310122 – Women’s Early Life Conditions and Later-Life Outcomes http://bit.ly/2KsEt2o

310201 – Applied Microhistory: Theoretical, Ethical, and Methodological Issues http://bit.ly/2M58ceG

310202 – Building a Global History of Economic Divergence http://bit.ly/2M5W4tR

310203 – Distinctive and Interlinked: Chinese Money and Finance under Globalization from Historic Perspectives http://bit.ly/2M3rPUA

310204 – Exploring the Institutional Turn in Transport and Communication History: Comparative Aspects of the Regulated Economy of Transport, Communication, and Information Technology, 1850-2000 http://bit.ly/2LZXjef

310205 – Financial Centers, Agents, and Transactions in the Long Run: Towards a Multidimensional Approach and Tools of Analysis http://bit.ly/2M0TrJU

310206 – For Children or the Family? Comparative Historical Perspectives on Adoption and Family Formation in Eurasia http://bit.ly/2Ms4Qmv

310207 – From Inside Out: Globalization and Latin American Growth, Development, and Change from the Colonial to Modern Periods http://bit.ly/2K0HPGl

310208 – Globalization and Inequality: The Importance of Nominal Income Series for Understanding Long-Term Global Development http://bit.ly/2M1fMqS

310209 – Historical Economic Development through Russian and Soviet Lenses http://bit.ly/2LZKII3

310210 – Illicit Behavior and Economic Development (18th-21st Centuries) http://bit.ly/2K2forl

310211 – PRESIDENTIAL SESSION: Industrialization and Income Distribution around the World: A Historical and Comparative Perspective http://http://bit.ly/2JZRblJ

310212 – Merchants, Markets, and Commercial Taxes: State Institutions and Local Practices in Late Imperial and Modern China http://bit.ly/2M3E3fW

310213 – The Anglosphere in the 1920s http://bit.ly/2K1BZEu

310214 – The Causes and Consequences of Historic Differences in Cultural Values http://bit.ly/2M5pMzc

310215 – The Colors of Early Globalization: American Dyes and the International Economy, 16th-19th Centuries http://bit.ly/2M5r5OC

310216 – The Commercial and Industrial Activities of Central Banks, 1914-2014 http://bit.ly/2M1sE0a

310217 – The Economics of Nationalism in Historical Perspective http://bit.ly/2M52R7g

310218 – The Economy of Adornment: Clothing Cultures and Contact Zones in the First Global Age, c. 1500-1800 http://bit.ly/2K0OznI

310219 – The First Global Age: Asian Perspectives, 1500-1800 http://bit.ly/2K0R9do

310220 – The Impact of Different Types of Inequality on Vulnerability towards Natural Hazards in the Pre-Industrial World http://bit.ly/2JZtiL5

310221 – Wages and Waves of Globalisation since 1930/1950: Convergence, Inequalities, Strategies http://bit.ly/2JY1Ltq

310222 – Worthy Women: Banking, Consumption, and Feminine Finances in the Twentieth Century http://bit.ly/2JVhCc6

010101 – At the Origins of Welfare: Institutions and Practices of Social Assistance in Europe (14th-19th Centuries) http://bit.ly/2M280x2

010102 – Centennial Enterprises as Sources of Innovation in Emerging Economies http://bit.ly/2M5OvUh

010103 – Commerce, Finance, and Exchange in Eurasia: Institutions, Treaties, and Contracts, 1500-1900 http://bit.ly/2JZ9bMV

010104 – Comparative Historical Analysis of Occupational Structure and Urbanization across Sub-Saharan Africa http://bit.ly/2M2h0C8

010105 – Crops, Food, and Environmental Transformations across Time and Space http://bit.ly/2M2hRmk

010106 – Ethno-Linguistic Diversity and Economic Development in History http://bit.ly/2M43TjW

010107 – Factor Costs in the Expansion of Pre-Modern Ocean Shipping: Labor, Capital, and Knowledge Transfer, 1300-1700 http://bit.ly/2M1vClc

010108 – Financial Markets in Troubled Times http://bit.ly/2M5w55M

010109 – Global Copper: Mining, Smelting, Minting, and Manufacturing from the Baroque to the Modern http://bit.ly/2M4I9V1

010110 – Inferring Behaviors and Standards of Living from Household Budget Data http://bit.ly/2M3W7Xa

010111 – International Credit and Institutional Transfers in the Long 19th Century http://bit.ly/2M6Ll2G

010112 – International Cartels in the 19th and 20th Centuries: National Perspective http://bit.ly/2M713uj

010113 – Markets and the Marketing of Consumer Goods in South Asia, 1880-2018 http://bit.ly/2M71y7F

010114 – Money Markets, Monetary Areas, and Their Institutions, 17th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2K3rYXl

010115 – New Research Using Linked Census Data: Scandinavia and the U.S. http://bit.ly/2M4frUb

010116 – Preindustrial Inequality: Europe, Asia, and the Americas Compared http://bit.ly/2K0oOUo

010117 – Re-Evaluating the Pre-Industrial European Warfare State http://bit.ly/2M2lQiS

010118 – The Euromarket and the Origins of the Financial Globalisation, 1957-1973 http://bit.ly/2M0Qauf

010119 – The Impact of Religions on Economic Outcomes http://bit.ly/2K24h1P

010120 – The State as Entrepreneur in Historical Perspective http://bit.ly/2M4jC2j

010121 – The Struggle for Food: From Malthusian Tension to GMO, and Beyond (19th-21st Centuries) http://bit.ly/2K1yC0r

010122 – Trade Policy and Diverse Paths of Globalization: Tariffs, Market Integration, and Political Economy in Europe, America, and Asia, 1834-1939 http://bit.ly/2K0207b

010201 – Beyond GDP: Sustainable and Unsustainable Development in the Long Run http://bit.ly/2JYidtv

010202 – British Imperialism and Globalization, 1650-1960 http://bit.ly/2M6Z1KR

010203 – Contrasting Development Paths in Latin American and Scandinavia: What Can We Learn? http://bit.ly/2M3s169

010204 – Critical Moments in the Development of Modern Monetary Systems: Crises, Money Doctors, and Reforms http://bit.ly/2K0lSXR

010205 – Entrepreneurs and their Endeavors from 1300 to 1900: Innovations in Products, Processes, and Markets http://bit.ly/2M1kpBd

010206 – International Financial Institutions: Multilateral Investment and Development Banks since the Second World War http://bit.ly/2M4PIeB

010207 – GIS Methods in Economic History http://bit.ly/2LZY3zS

010208 – Global Conversations: Gender, Work, and Economic Development http://bit.ly/2M4RSLf

010209 – Institutional Change and Chinese Enterprises across the 1949 and 1978 Divides http://bit.ly/2M4RQ5W

010211 – Living Standards in the Mediterranean Basin: A Long-Run View http://bit.ly/2JZdO9K

010212 – Resilience in Regional Economic Systems http://bit.ly/2M00WRe

010213 – Seafaring Lives in Transition: Mediterranean Maritime Labour and Shipping during Globalization, 1850s-1920s http://bit.ly/2MCaYJA

010214 – Societal Response to Climate Variation: Institution, Market, and Social Change in Early Modern and Modern Japan http://bit.ly/2ME0JV7

010215 – Stronger Together? Collective Action during Phases of Industrialization http://bit.ly/2JOSTu6

010216 – The Big Data Revolution in Economic History http://bit.ly/2JTPSJb

010217 – The Emergence of Corporate Governance in Big Business, 19th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2JOV5BQ

010218 – The Path of China’s Development in Global Perspective http://bit.ly/2MI9IV8

010219 – The Role of Economic Shrinking for Long Term Economic Performance and Catching Up Dynamics http://bit.ly/2MDNJio

010220 – The Skilled Workforce in the Pre-Modern World http://bit.ly/2JTikKY

010221 – Water Use and the Urban Environment under Pressure: Lessons from History http://bit.ly/2M1eAUr

010222 – Weaving Webs of Connections: The Roles of Information and Communication Services during Waves of Globalisation http://bit.ly/2M6HP8a

020101 – Banks and Capital Markets: Engines of Growth or Societal Destablizers? http://bit.ly/2JYHlQZ

020102 – Branding Through History http://bit.ly/2M5DLVK

020103 – Changing Female Labor Force Participation in Europe and Asia http://bit.ly/2K2PdB5

020104 – Colonial Administrators, Public Investments, and Long-Term Development in Africa http://bit.ly/2M4P14M

020105 – Deciphering the Economy: Numbers and their Rationalities in the Longue Durée, 12th-19th Centuries http://bit.ly/2M6xIk1

020106 – From Pre-Modern to Modern Economic Growth in Europe and Asia http://bit.ly/2M64kdn

020107 – Foreign Multinational Enterprises in Australia http://bit.ly/2K10zW4

020108 – Global Imbalances and the Burden of Adjustment in Historical Perspective http://bit.ly/2M8LLpb

020109 – Late Colonial and Post-Colonial Development Aid in the Dynamics of ‘Re-globalization’ http://bit.ly/2K5KlLD

020110 – Weaving Links: Cloth Production, Trade, and Consumption in the Renaissance Mediterranean http://bit.ly/2K3LSBR

020111 – Modernity in East Asia: Globalization and Japanese Colonialism http://bit.ly/2K0Fdbj

020112 – Polity and State Finance in the Peripheries of the Global Economy http://bit.ly/2K2AbLv

020113 – Port Cities, Empires, and Global Maritime Trade in the 18th and 19th Centuries: Connections and Comparisons http://bit.ly/2M5ZsoF

020114 – Prices, Income, Consumption Baskets, and Heights: Living Standards in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American (16th-20th Centuries) http://bit.ly/2M60v85

020115 – VICE PRESIDENTIAL SESSION: The Development of Wellbeing in History: Metrics and Mechanisms, Part 1 http://bit.ly/2K3bVsO

020116 – The Economic Causes and Consequences of the Size of States http://bit.ly/2K7kqDi

020117 – The Economic Policies of Military and Naval Resource Mobilization: Imperial Spain and the Wider Atlantic World in the Long Eighteenth Century http://bit.ly/2M4KNtZ

020118 – The Economic History of the Sports Sector http://bit.ly/2K6wPr7

020119 – The Variety of Exchange and the Character of Money http://bit.ly/2K5kSSj

020120 – Transnational Business Encounters in the Twentieth Century: Informal Company Networks, Cartels, and Business Interest Associations Compared http://bit.ly/2M9pNSJ

020121 – Passage to Panama: Nation States, Taxation, and Multinational Enterprise in the Twentieth Century http://bit.ly/2M9ZAUp

020122 – Globalisation and the Department Store: Global-Local Hybridity, c. 1900-2000 http://bit.ly/2K5Cf5u

020201 – Communications and Globalization since 1850: Nations, Empires, Firms http://bit.ly/2Mb9kOa

020202 – Europe and Slavery: Estimating the Share of Slave-Based Activities in European Economies, 1500-1850 http://bit.ly/2K5qUCr

020203 – Experience and Expectations in the Age of Globalization http://bit.ly/2M6mSKH

020204 – Famine, Relief and Resilience in a Long-run Comparative Perspective http://bit.ly/2K5fSgC

020205 – Female Entrepreneurs around the World: Property Rights and Ownership, 17th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2Ma8cdy

020206 – Global Contacts, Numeracy, and Human Capital: The Effects of Trade and Migration http://bit.ly/2MHarWO

020207 – Globalization and National Banking Systems in Latin America and the Iberian World, 1850-1940 http://bit.ly/2McHAZx

020208 – “Growing Public” in Africa: State-Building and Living Standards http://bit.ly/2K1ZZYd

020209 – In Search of European Capitalism http://bit.ly/2K5No6k

020210 – Interactive Economic History Workshop: Usable Systems for Diverse Data http://bit.ly/2M8onYM

020211 – Interflow, Interaction, and Innovation: Merchants, Business Organizations, and Networks in the Pan-Pacific Rim in the Nineteenth Century http://bit.ly/2MbgRfU

020212 – Labor, Technology, and Institutions in Global Commodity Chains: 16th-19th Centuries http://bit.ly/2MbXSSp

020213 – Networks, Intensity, Extensive Margins of Trade since the 19th Century: New Approaches to Globalization with Large Databases http://bit.ly/2M6s29B

020214 – Recovering from Large Scale Crisis: Strategies, Patterns, and Outcomes, 19th-21st Centuries http://bit.ly/2McdDZr

020215 – Subsistence, Sustenance, and Changing Living Spaces: Comparative Studies of Eurasian Economies from the 16th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2K6zscn

020216 – The Atomic Business: Industrial, Financial, and Economic Issues of the Development of Nuclear Power over the 20th Century http://bit.ly/2MaS8bp

020217 – The Causes and Effects of Labor Coercion in Global Perspective http://bit.ly/2MqJypg

020218 – VICE PRESIDENTIAL SESSION: The Development of Wellbeing in History: Metrics and Mechanisms, Part 2 http://bit.ly/2K3bVsO

020219 – The Globalization of the Waves: Shipping and its Role in Promoting Global Markets for Goods, Services, Capital, Labor, and Ideas, c. 1800-2000 http://bit.ly/2K5P5Rd

020220 – U.S. South in Global Perspective: 1800 to the Present http://bit.ly/2K5P5Rd

020221 – Women in Changing Labor Markets http://bit.ly/2K5IIxo

020222 – Long-Run Real Estate Markets: New Measurements, New Insights http://bit.ly/2MbuU58

030101 – Auctions and Their Historical Contexts around the Globe since 1700 http://bit.ly/2K3TMuJ

030102 – China’s Economic Performance and Real Data, 1600-2010 http://bit.ly/2M7lIyu

030103 – Conversion Out of Poverty? Religion and Development in a Long-Run Global Perspective http://bit.ly/2Md2S9t

030104 – Coping with Crisis: Labor Market, Public Policies, and Household Economy: A Comparative Perspective on Unequally Industrialized Regions from the Mid-18th Century to the Interwar Period (Mediterranean Europe, Central and Southern America) http://bit.ly/2N2Yxql

030105 – De-Globalisation in Regional Context: The Case of East Central Europe http://bit.ly/2Mc1K5E

030106 – Development under Dictatorship? – Revisiting Economic Development under Authoritarian Regimes in the Periphery http://bit.ly/2K2i4Fw

030107 – Early-Life Conditions and Human Capital Formation http://bit.ly/2K4VgoA

030108 – From Mining to Currency and Money Markets in the Early Modern Atlantic: Digital Approaches and New Perspectives http://bit.ly/2K5285u

030109 – Global Production and Distribution of Silver, 1540-1900 http://bit.ly/2McxiIJ

030110 – Government and the Economy http://bit.ly/2Md9q83

030111 – Historical Perspectives of Inequality in the Eastern Mediterranean http://bit.ly/2K3Qzv7

030112 – Indigenous People in Economic History http://bit.ly/2MaBbOx

030113 – Late Imperial and Early Soviet Economic History http://bit.ly/2K2IqY1

030114 – Lessons from Insurance History: Markets, Regulation, and Globalization http://bit.ly/2MbKHko

030115 – Monetary Standards in the Long-Run: Financial Issues and Trade Opportunities http://bit.ly/2K7AvZx

030116 – Multinationals and the Transformation of the World Economy http://bit.ly/2K2LP9f

030117 – Multinationals and the Transformation of the World Economy http://bit.ly/2K2LP9f

030118 – Power and Principles: The Political Economy of Natural Resources since 1870 http://bit.ly/2K6e5Yx

030119 – The Interplay of Trade, Religion, and Technology in China and Europe in the 16th-19th Centuries http://bit.ly/2K47ldF

030120 – The Interwar Banking Crises: An International Perspective http://bit.ly/2M9ExRD

030121 – Public Health Interventions and the Life Course Approach: Metrics for the Long-Run Success of Interventions, 19th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2K8ao4P

030201 – Agriculture and Large-Scale Crises in the Industrial World: 1929, a Paradigmatic Model for Agricultural Crises in the Modern Economy http://bit.ly/2MaqD1C

030202 – Business History in the Age of Modern Globalization http://bit.ly/2M9p44g

030203 – Colonial Financial Markets in the Long 18th Century: A Source of Underdevelopment? http://bit.ly/2MdkKAR

030204 – Crossroads of Globalization: Market-Making in Modern East Asia http://bit.ly/2Kb7dJi

030205 – Consumers and Retailers in the Countryside – Europe/North America, 18th to Mid-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2MdYAyD

030206 – Demography and Economic Change from Modern Era to Date: An International Comparative Perspective http://bit.ly/2MbuITm

030207 – Economic Interactions between the Baltic Sea Region and Other Parts of the World: Economic Relations from Pre-WWI to the Present http://bit.ly/2McUhDo

030208 – Energy Efficiency, Economic Growth, and Environment http://bit.ly/2K6cxOc

030209 – Health Inequalities and Urbanization, 17th-20th Centuries http://bit.ly/2K8u4Wf

030210 – Inequality in the Global South: Trends, Drivers, and Mechanisms http://bit.ly/2MbJbyF

030211 – Livestock Economy in the Americas: A Transnational Framework http://bit.ly/2M9Cq0o

030212 – Long-Term Regional Income Inequality in the Core and the Periphery http://bit.ly/2M7SQGr

030213 – Real Wages across the Globe: From Antiquity to the Present http://bit.ly/2M8AZz4

030214 – Reconsidering the “Small Divergence”: The Role of Social and Economic Institutions in 19th and 20th Centuries Chinese and Japanese Economic Development http://bit.ly/2Me8XT1

030215 – Role of Reinsurance in the Setting of Insurance in the World http://bit.ly/2McEtka

030216 – Small Change in a Global Context: “Fractional Currencies” or “Minor Coins”? http://bit.ly/2K7F1Hn

030217 – Women’s Economic Position in a Globalising World http://bit.ly/2KffZu3

030218 – The Logistics of Globalisation in Pre- and Early Industrial Times http://bit.ly/2MbTKli

030219 – The Memory of Financial Crises across the Waves of Globalisation http://bit.ly/2K7RXgB

030220 – The Most Dramatic Period Globally for the Development of the Human Body: The 20th Century http://bit.ly/2K7RpHs

030221 – Trade and Technology within Industries http://bit.ly/2MeuQkP

030222 – Why Labour Relations Matter: Global Labour History and New Institutional Economic History http://bit.ly/2MdL1z7




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