54. Dictionary of modern Chinese banking organizations and people

Many thanks to Ms WU Danmin 吴旦敏, numismatist at the Shanghai Museum for donating this book to the British Museum.


JIANG Jianqing (ed.-in-chief), Jindai Zhongguo yinhangye jigou renmin dacidian (Shanghai guji chubanshe, 2014) [Dictionary of modern Chinese banking organisations and people]  姜建清主编:《近代中国银行业机构人民大辞典》,上海古籍出版社,2014 年。ISBN 978-7-5325-7142-0  Worldcat

About the author: Jiang Jianqing 姜建清 is Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 工商银行. The ICBC boasts its own museum, the Museum of Finance 金融博物馆 (from 2000-2016, it was known as the Shanghai Bank Museum 上海市银行博物馆).

About the book: An encyclopedic guide (over 1000 entries, on 882 pages) to the modern Chinese banking world, arranged in two sections – banks, and people.

  • 目录  Contents  p.1
  • 凡例  Arrangement  p.1
  • 分类目录  Index section by section  p.1
  • 机构卷  Organizations section  p.1
  • 人物卷  People section p.597
  • 附录:部分钱庄、银号附录  Appendix: Tables of coin-shops 钱庄 and banks 银号  (by date, location and type) p.712
  • 音序索引 Combined index (alphabetical order) p.758
  • 笔画索引  Combined index (by stroke order)  p.820
  • 后记  Afterword  p.883

Some of the seal impressions on the front cover

Update, 6 Nov 2018 – here are the publication details given in the book



  1. Hello Helen — This must be a second edition of the book. The ISBN searched on Amazon pulls up the same title (I think — too small to read) by same author, published 2011 with 474 pages. The book seems to cover the 19th and 20th centuries, not just post 1949.

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