58. Book: Sino-Kharoshthi Coins (Horse Coins of Khotan)

Newly received book – many thanks to Professor DAI Jianbing 戴建兵, at Hebei Normal University.


周倜著:《汉佉而体钱(和田马钱)新探》,河北人民出版社,2018年。(钱币学丛书,丛书主编:戴建兵)。ISBN: 978-7-202-13321-7

ZHOU Ti, A new look at Sino-Kharoshthi coins  (Horse coins of Khotan), (Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe, 2018) [in the Numismatics series, series editor Dai Jianbing]. ISBN 978-7-202-13321-7. 173 pp.

ZHOU Ti 周倜 is a member of the Xinjiang Numismatic Society 新疆钱币学会, but better known for his publications on Chinese calligraphy.

Foreword by Huang Zhigang 黄志刚, Director of the Xinjiang Numismatic Museum 新疆钱币博物馆, and Secretary of the Xinjiang Numismatic Society

Afterword by ZHANG Xin 张欣, Research student at the Institute of History and Literature, Hebei Normal University

Series editor DAI Jianbing 戴建兵 is Professor of Economic History at Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang

Table of Contents

  1. The inscriptions on Sino-Kharoshthi coins
  2. The historical figures named on Sino-Kharoshthi coins
  3. The origins of Sino-Kharoshthi coins (in Shache)
  4. The development of Sino-Kharoshthi coins in Yutian
  5. The differences between 5-grain (wuzhu) and 6-grain (liuzhu) Sino-Kharoshthi coins
  6. The Sino-Kharoshthi coins of Qiuci (horse coins with inscription “weight 5 zhu”)
  7. The large coins of the kings of Khotan which do not have a record of weight
  8. The history and background of overstrikes on horse coins (Sino-Kharoshthi coins)
  9. On the background to horse coins  and other coins in the Western Regions in the Han dynasty
  10. On the coin with inscription “Ci quan nei hua”

Illustrations of Sino-Kharoshthi coins (b/w photos of 147 coins from Zhou Ti’s collection)

Afterword by ZHANG Xin

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