60. Book: The History of Commercial Banks in Modern China

Many thanks to Prof Dai Jianbing 戴建兵 for presenting this book to the Dept of Coins and Medals at the British Museum:


DAI Jianbing and CHEN Xiaorong (eds), Zhongguo jindai shangye yinhang shi / The History of Commercial Banks in Modern China (Beijing: Zhongguo jinrong chubanshe, 2019. ISBN 978-7-5220-0143-2


Table of Contents

绪论  / Introduction  (p.1)

汇丰银行 / Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (p. 15)

华俄道胜银行 / Russo-Chinese Bank (p. 73)

北洋保商银行 / Commercial Guarantee Bank of Chihli (p. 109)

中法实业银行 / Banque Industrielle de Chine (p. 145)

殖边银行 / Bank of Territorial Development (p. 193)

盐业银行 / Salt Bank (p. 227)

中孚银行 / Zhongfu Bank (p. 267)

中华汇业银行 / Exchange Bank of China (p. 295)

美丰银行 / American-Oriental Banking Corporation (p. 325)

中国农工银行 / Agricultural and Industrial Bank of China (p. 363)

大陆银行 / Continental Bank (p. 395)

中国实业银行 / National Industrial Bank of China (p. 429)

中华懋业银行 / Chinese American Bank of Commerce (p. 473)

边业银行 / Frontier Bank (p. 515)

中南银行 / China and South Sea Bank Ltd (p. 549)

蒙藏银行 / Great Northwestern Bank (p. 587)

中国垦业银行 / Land Bank of China (p. 611)

后记 / Afterword (p. 645)


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