66. Book: Currency and Finance in Traditional China

Many thanks to Professor HE Ping 何平, of the School of Finance at Renmin University of China 中国人民大学财政金融学院, in Beijing, for giving us a copy of his book.

HE Ping, Chuantong Zhongguo de huobi yu caizheng (Beijing: Renmin chubanshe, 2019). ISBN 978-7-01-020403-1 // 何平著:《传统中国的货币与财政》(北京:人民出版社,2019年)// HE Ping, Currency and Finance of Traditional China (Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2019). [Find it on Worldcat]

He Ping book cover

Full table of contents (in Chinese) here

Brief Table of contents (in Chinese, followed by my rough translation)

  • 前言
  • 第一章:导论
  • 第二章:铜铸币流通领域 “短陌” 现象的起源于性质
  • 第三章:古代中国纸币的产生、发展及其性质
  • 第四章:世界货币与明代白银货币地位的确立
  • 第五章:清代前期多元复合货币结构下的困惑与对策
  • 第六章:中国古代的税收负担思想
  • 第七章:清代的不完全财政体制及其社会经济效应
  • 第八章:从李之芳《赋役详稿》看清代赋税征课额的构成
  • 第九章:康熙时代的赋税减免政策及其社会经济效应
  • 第十章:清代赋税管理的个案分析
  • 附录:赋役详稿
  • 参考文献
  • 索引

Foreword (p.1)

Chapter 1: Introduction (p.1)

Chapter 2: The origin and nature of the “short string” phenomenon in the circulation of copper coins (50)

Chapter 3: Chinese paper money: birth, development and properties – from local- and national-level credit money to national paper money (74)

Chapter 4: World money and the establishment of silver money in the Ming dynasty (233)

Chapter 5: Confusion and countermeasures relating to the diversity and composition of the currency structure in the early Qing dynasty (257)

Chapter 6: Thinking about the tax burden in old China (287)

Chapter 7: The incomplete fiscal system in the Qing dynasty and its socioeconomic impact (296)

Chapter 8: The Composition of Tax Payment in the Qing Dynasty as seen in Li Zhifang’s Detailed Notes on Taxes (310)

Chapter 9: Tax relief policy in the Kangxi period and its affect on economic recovery (320)

Chapter 10: Case analysis of tax administration in the Qing dynasty (334)

Appendix: Detailed Notes on Taxes (349)

Bibliography (394)

Index (412)

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