67. The T.S. Bayer Collection, Glasgow

Earlier this month, I was in Glasgow, and went to see some of the collections of Theophilus Siegfried Bayer (1694-1738), Sinologist and Professor of Greek and Roman Antiquities at St Petersburg, 1726-1738, who was one of the first (perhaps the first?) European sinologist to consider Chinese numismatics seriously, and who published De Re Nummaria Sinorum in 1737.

Bayer’s papers are housed in the Special Collections and Archives of the University of Glasgow Library. There is a pdf guide to the Bayer Collection, created by David Weston (2018). I reserved some items ahead of my visit, including Hunter MS 395: “Numophylacium sinicum Excellentissimi Imp. Russici Procancellarii, Comitis Ostermanni numis secundum dynastias et imperatores dispositis et utcumque explicatis a T.S.B. Anno MDCCXXXV. 88”

I asked permission to photograph this volume, took photos of all pages with content, compiled them in a powerpoint, then saved the ppt as a pdf : Theophilus Siegfried Bayer Papers – Hunter MS 395. This pdf and the images below are posted by kind permission of University of Glasgow Library, Archives & Special Collections.

Here’s an image of the album and a couple of pages:




UPDATE (28 Jan 2020) – Anno MDCCXXV corrected to Anno MDCCXXXV (I’d copied and pasted from Weston’s guide, including the typo) – the date is clearly handwritten as MDCCXXXV. Thanks to Andrew West for spotting this.


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