Chinese Numismatics (out of date, I’m working on a new one…)

Japanese numismatics (2014)

Bibliography of Japanese Numismatics, compiled by Edward Welch and Helen Wang, and revised by Yoshiko Yasumura (2014) — This includes publications listed in Hitoshi Kozono’s “Numismatic Works in Japanese”, in A.B. Coole’s Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins, vol. 1 (1967), pp. 149-273; also Helen Wang’s “New Publications on Japanese Coins (incl. a Bibliography of Japanese Numismatics, 1960-2011)”, Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society 210 (Winter 2012), pp. 44-47 (which included titles subsequent to Coole/Kozono.)

Specialist terms, vocabulary lists, glossaries

How can I find out about publications?

A Survey of Numismatic Research  – produced every 5-6 years since the 1960s, and published by the INC and IAPN (International Numismatic Commission, subsequently renamed as the International Numismatic Council, and the International Association of Professional Numismatists):

  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 2008–2013 (publ. 2015) – contents page
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 2002–2007 (publ. 2009) – pdf 
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996–2001 (publ. 2003)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1990–1995 (publ. 1997)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1985–1990 (publ. 1991)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1978–1984 (publ. 1986)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1972–1977 (publ. 1979)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1966–1971 (publ. 1973)
  • A Survey of Numismatic Research 1960–1965 (publ. 1967)

The latest volume (2015) did not include the Chinese summary, which ZHOU Weirong (China Numismatic Museum) supplied and I translated. You can find it here – China: A Survey of Numismatic Literature 2008-2012

Specialist journals, societies and other sources – see Links

Compilations of out-of-copyright publications – eg Digital numismatic library of Far East and South Eastern Asia

Where can I find publications?

Library catalogues

Library cataloguing terms (tip: when searching, try a variety of searches)

Library of Congress (tip: if browsing, try several subject headings)

  • Numismatics
  • Coins, Chinese
  • Banknotes–China
  • Paper money–China

WorldCat – the keywords seem to be (but try other variations as well)

  • Coins, Chinese
  • Coins, Chinese – Catalogs
  • Numismatics – China

For papers published in academic journals

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