28. Who’s Who in East Asian Numismatics?

The online newsletter Coins Weekly runs a regular feature “Who’s Who in Numismatics”, introducing people who are active in the field. So far, in terms of people working on East Asian numismatics, they have featured Joe Cribb and last week the spotlight was on François Thierry de Crussol. I hope they’ll also go further afield and feature some of the numismatists based in East Asia too. (BTW, subscription to Coins Weekly is free) (more…)


26. Journal of East Asian Numismatics (JEAN) – issue 7, no. 25 (Aug 2017)

JEAN began as a paper journal in 1994, and since 2016 has transformed into a bilingual (Chinese and English) e-journal. The Chinese editor is Michael Chou. The English editor is Bruce W. Smith. There’s a good introduction to the journal and the editors here. (more…)