BUMA 9: The Beginnings of the Use of Metal and Alloys (Korea, Oct 2017)

The 9th BUMA conference will take place in Busan, Korea, 16-19 Oct 2017, and is being organised by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials. (more…)


Prof YANG Junchang, archaeo-metallurgist in London, 8 June

Prof YANG Junchang 杨军昌 is one of the leading scholars in archaeo-metallurgy and conservation in Shaanxi Province. After 20 years’ service as a conservation scientist in institutions of archaeology and cultural heritage, Professor Yang joined the Northwest Polytechnic University 西北工业大学材料学院 in Xi’an recently, setting up a new department to promote multi-disciplinary research combining material, archaeological and conservation sciences. (more…)