money in art

29. Paintings of money by Dong Yuan and Lam Tung-pang

Over the summer there was an exhibition of paintings “Transitions: Dong Yuan, Lam Tung-pang and Lao Tongli” (转变:董媛,林东鹏, 劳同丽)at Chambers Fine Art (前波画廊) in New York (22 June – 2 Sept 2017). (more…)


23. Li Zijian and Chinese charms

In his oil paintings of young children, Chinese artist Li Zijian 李自健 often shows them wearing a silver lock (baijiasuo 百家锁) around the neck. The locks are for protection, to lock the child into life. For examples of real silver locks, see Pinterest or Primaltrek. (more…)