64. “The Forger and Numismatist: Li Baotai and Bao Kang” – by Lyce Jankowski

The latest edition of ÉTUDES CHINOISES – Revue de l’Association française d’études chinoises, Vol. XXXVII-2 (2018), has been published, and includes an article on Chinese numismatics by Lyce Jankowski, curator of non-European arts at the  Musée Mariemont, Belgium. It was presented at the study day she co-organised with Alice Bianchi, in Paris, in 2018, and includes abstracts published in French, with abstracts in French, English and Chinese: (more…)

42. A Viking ship on a Chinese note

This piece was first published on the British Museum blog on 9 June 2014, at the time of the Viking exhibition. It’s since disappeared from the BM website, so I’ll post it again here. I was reminded of this piece by Professor Robert Bickers, University of Bristol, who emailed this week with news of Fartsan T. Sung, one of the signatories on this note, having just posted a photograph of Fartsan T. Sung and his wife Margaret Wang Song on the website Historical Photographs of China (more…)

41. Chinese guides for identifying silver dollars and other coins, 19th century

There are two Chinese guides – merchant manuals or shroff’s guides – in the Department of Coins and Medals, at The British Museum (nos 4 and 8 below). Several similar guides are known, and I’m grateful to Richard von Glahn and Byron Hamann for sharing their expertise and knowledge on this subject. I’ll give a very brief introduction below, and then share ten of these guides. If you know of others, or of research on these guides, please leave a comment. (more…)