Order of the Golden Grain

59. Frank Newman (1873-1937) and his Chinese coin collection

Edward Francis Southan Newman (1873-1937) (鈕滿) was born in Hong Kong, and spent most of his life in China. Coole’s Bibliography (1967) lists Newman’s article “Ancient Chinese Coins” in the China Journal of Science and Arts, vol.1, no.4 (July 1923). Ian Gill, Frank Newman’s grandson, has published a couple of articles on his family history (May 2016  and Oct 2017), and in September 2017, WEI Chunyang (Victor Wei) published a piece on the Newman Family of Yantai, which drew attention to Newman’s coin collecting, in particular his acquisition of a very rare Guo bao jin kui zhi wan 国宝金匮直万 piece, now said to be in the National Museum of China collection. Many thanks for Ian Gill for his help in the preparation of this piece. (more…)