65. Book: Origin of paper currency in south-east Shanxi

Many thanks to TIAN Qiuping 田秋平 for giving us a copy of his book.

TIAN Qiuping, Zhibi chushi Jin dongnan (Shanxi guji chubanshe, 2007). ISBN 978-7-80597-856-6  //  田秋平著:《纸币初始晋东南》/Origin of Paper Currency at South-east of Shanxi Province (太原:山西古籍出版社,2007 年). TIAN Qiuping, Origin of Paper Currency at South-east of Shanxi Province (Taiyuan: Shanxi guji chubanshe, 2007). Black and white illustrations. (more…)

41. Chinese guides for identifying silver dollars and other coins, 19th century

There are two Chinese guides – merchant manuals or shroff’s guides – in the Department of Coins and Medals, at The British Museum (nos 4 and 8 below). Several similar guides are known, and I’m grateful to Richard von Glahn and Byron Hamann for sharing their expertise and knowledge on this subject. I’ll give a very brief introduction below, and then share ten of these guides. If you know of others, or of research on these guides, please leave a comment. (more…)

25. China Numismatics 2017.1 (144) – English summary

China Numismatics 《中国钱币》 is published bimonthly by the China Numismatic Museum 中国钱币博物馆 and China Numismatic Society 中国钱币学会 in Beijing. The journal is published in Chinese. (more…)