Taiwan’s Tokens

YUAN Mingda 袁明達:  《臺灣的代用幣 / Taiwan’s tokens 》 , published by the author, Taipei, 2016. ISBN 978-986-94062- 0-8. Soft cover, 207 pages, colour photographs. Price : 600NTD.

taiwan tokens

I haven’t seen this book, but it was featured in E-Sylum vol. 20, no. 31, July 30, 2017. I’m copying part of the review from E-Sylum below (which is, itself, an excerpt from a review by James Contursi, published in the July/August 2017 issue of the TAMS Journal, the official publication of the Token and Medal Society):

This book publishes the token collection that Yuan has dedicated more than twenty years to build, and it provides the distilled research findings that he has managed to ferret out from various corners during the same time frame. Paging through this volume is equivalent to taking a voyage through the erstwhile uncharted waters of Taiwan tokens, and with Yuan at the helm, a uniquely informative journey ensues.

Yuan archives nearly 700 Taiwan tokens – metal, plastic and paper – in a quarto-sized tome, printed on glossy paper, and divided into nine main headings. I list these because their format and composition may vary from the chapter titles usually encountered in the west. They include: 1) United States military; 2) the public sector, comprised of public park, telephone, transportation and government-issued tokens; 3) children’s playgrounds; 4) department stores; 5) zoos; 6) amusement parks; 7) hotels; 8) industrial enterprises, which encompasses banking, cruise ship, bowling alley, golf and batting range, and restaurant tokens; and 9) early video arcade tokens. These are followed by three pages of early Republic tokens, with an emphasis on Shanghai; seven pages of miscellaneous world tokens; and four pages of Taiwanese paper tokens.