50. The use of silver ingots in Ming dynasty tax payment

LI Xiaoping 李晓萍 , of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum 浙江省博物馆, has authored several books on silver currency, and edited Academic Conference Proceedings of Gold and Silver Currency and Social Life. (She publishes under two different names, which look the same in the romanised form – LI Xiaoping – but have different characters for Xiao:  李晓萍 and 李小萍)  (more…)

38. The Invoice Museum

Styling itself as “the only online invoice museum in China” and hosted on the Hebei Taxpayers website, The Invoice Museum 发票博物馆 is a digital catalogue of part of a private collection of over 2000 invoices. The collection belongs to Mr GAO Xianzhou 高献洲 who works in tax in Hebei province. (more…)