This page is an attempt to log some of the things that are happening…


Talks, study days and conferences

  • 17 Jan 2017 – Era Names and Power Regalia on Song coinage, China“, lecture by Lyce Jankowski, Royal Numismatic Society, London.
  • 4 Mar 2017 – East Asia Interactions V, seminar organised by the Research Centre for East Asian Cultures, Oxford:
    • “Numismatic and metallurgical analysis of Korean coins in the Ashmolean Museum” – Jay Lewis, Faculty of Oriental Studies
    • “Kutsuki Masatsuna’s collection of East Asian coins in the Ashmolean Museum” – Lyce Janowski, Ashmolean Museum
  • May 2017 – Richard von Glahn will be giving a series of 4 lectures on economic history at EHESS, Paris
  • 16-19 Oct 2017 – BUMA 9: The Beginnings of the Use of Metal and Alloys, conference in Busan, Korea
  • Nov 2017 – re-opening of the British Museum Asia Gallery
  • 18 Nov 2017ONS Study Day, London: “Auspicious Symbols”



Talks, study days and conferences

  • 1 Jun 2016 – “Cash In, Paper Out: The Politics of Paper Currency in Late Song China“, lecture by Charles Hatmann, EHESS, Paris  — This lecture argues that a major driver of Song historical narrative was a struggle between literati and technocratic officials over access to economic resources.  As is well-known, the world’s first paper currency originated in Song China. “Cash in; Paper out” examines how the history of the Southern Song huizi (會子) reflects differing viewpoints between literati and technocratic officials over the purpose, mechanisms, and morality of paper currency. The lecture will examine how over-issue of huizi contributed to a hardening of the lines between the two groups and to the decline of the dynasty.
  • 3 JunCoins, Languages and Cultures from the Steppes, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Study Day, with speakers Jerome Mairat,  Jugder Luvsandorj, Fresco Sam-Sin, Lyce Jankowski
  • 23-28 AugEuropean Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) Conference, St Petersburg. Panel on East Asian money, with speakers Helen Wang, Lyce Jankowski, Vladimir Belyaev, Maria Postarnak
  • 7-9 SepJoint East Asian Studies (JEAS) Conference, SOAS, London. Panel on East Asian money, with speakers James Lewis, Lyce Jankowski, Helen Wang
  • 12 Nov – “Coins, Culture and Society“, British Museum, London. Study Day organised by the Oriental Numismatic Society
  • 26 Nov – “Le commerce aux Indes Orientales et en Extrême-Orient aux XVIIe-XIXe siècles : aspects monétaires et numismatiques”, colloquium organised by La Société de Numismatique Asiatique, at l’ancien Hôtel des Affaires étrangères et de la Marine de Versailles (contact: AT )


Talks, study days and conferences

  • 15 Apr -“Sun Yat-sen, Henry Ford and the Guizhou car dollar of 1928”, lecture by Paul Bevan to the Royal Numismatic Society.
  • 18 AprCoin of the Realm: Money and Meaning in Late Imperial China, A Mahindra Humanities Center Seminar Conference Organized by “China Humanities”, Harvard.